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Build an Arduino Robot while learning Artificial Intelligence

Udemy has a free course on learning Arduino and artificial intelligence while making a robot. The level of the course is geared at the college level and seems very accessible. It’s refreshing to see an artificial intelligence MOOC well designed enough to be accessible to a large public. Also to note is that the course material is designed to assist you in building a real working robot as you learn the material. The best way yo learn is practice.

Arduino Robot controlled by android phone
Arduino Robot controlled by android phone

Helped by the 80 videos and course documents and presentations, you will learn to:

  • Build an Arduino Robot from $100 in parts.
  • Control from Android phone
  • Program the robot for obstacle avoidance
  • Program the robot to go through a maze
The udemy Arduino nanomouse robot
The udemy Arduino nanomouse robot

The udemy site says it best:

Students will learn to build and program an inexpensive robot using a breadboard, some servo motors, an Arduino Nano, and a few other basic electrical components. Kits with all the necessary materials can be purchased for $100.

Arduino Robot going through a maze
Arduino Robot going through a maze

The course comes to you from Michael Backus directly from Alaska. The course is simple enough for a tech-inclined 9th-grader to understand the course material and build the Arduino nanomouse robot.

First and the Robot Zoo

I have been varying this half baked dream of creating a Robot Zoo for a few good months. In the concept of robots becoming more and more sentient over the coming decades, I think it would be only natural to create a central place where they can be cared for and accessible in their functioning form. 

I just stumbled on First. An organisation for the promotion of engineering and science that organizes robot competitions for students. I wonder where all the robots go after the competitions?

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep them functional and accessible in the Robot Zoo?